DNA fingerprinting was first used in England in 1985. (Citation #3) It was first developed in 1984 by Sir Alec Jeffreys.

Sir Alec Jeffreys had proved that fingerprinting had provided the world with a new way to identify a person. (Citation #4) After just a few months, he had also established that fingerprinting could not only identify a person, it could also find out who someone's parent is, which is called praternity testing.

There are various companies in the United States that sell fingerprinting kits for people who want to experiment fingerprinting or just want to feel like they are in CSI. Some of these companies actually sell fingerprinting kits to actual CSI.

One of the companies is Carolina Biological Supply Company. They sell differnet fingerprinting kits for people to do at home. These kits range from $49.94-$89.95. In this kit, you have to find a virus that is in the DNA strand and try to find out what type of virus it is so you can determine whether it's fatal or just a small virus. (Citation #5)

 DNAVision is a company that provides different biotechnology companies with fingerprint testing. You just get a sample and send it in to this company and they will give you all the results possible on that one sample. (Citation #8) 

 Cellmark specializes in praternity testing. This company is the first biotech company in the world to receive an award for their work. Cellmark doesn't sell fingerprinting kits or anything. Instead, you send them your samples and they can determine who your parent or child is. (Citation #9)